'at midnight all the agents and superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do'

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'Decent people shouldn't live here. They'd

be happier someplace else.'



In brief, this is the place where you can browbeat a suspected troll to your heart's content (create a thread about him/her on the forum, but don't forget to give the troll the url), and no-one will ask you to not 'feed the troll', because trolls get their kicks from disrupting threads on other boards.  

Or, if you are a troll (or even if you think you're not, but people call you that anyway), here's a place to kick off your boots and chillax, maaaan. Here, folk can discuss how people troll, why people troll, and whether it is always necessary to troll, which may lead to more creative, focused trolling, and less random spamming.

Which is already sounding excessively worthy. Better if the people who use this site decide what it's going to be.


 Note: a lot of the site is empty, and there may even be remnants from the bartred testing. If anyone has any suggestions for additions, like more links to other sites, feel free to put them in the guestbook, the blog, the forums or the contact form.